Charter sales, perfected.

From the threat comes opportunity. While technology has improved customer experience and streamlined the booking process, they have ignored that the role of the broker goes beyond sourcing aircraft.

NEOJETS has thought of the thousands of brokers out there that needed to move towards digital transformation in the way they do business while still allowing the ownership of their client’s relationships and maximizing profitability.

We introduce you to the NEOJETS Brand Licensing system. This is one flight, you don’t want to miss!

Start your own charter brokerage business owning the best technology in the industry.

NEOJETS is a complete turnkey solution, enabling you to set up your own private jet charter brokerage powered by next-gen technology, with access to a global verified fleet of over 4,000 aircraft, all at a fraction of the cost of a normal charter brokerage.

For the first time ever in the private jet industry, we are able to use our next generation technology to dramatically reduce costs in the brokerage industry by eliminating inefficient processes.

Next generation technology

State-of-the-art user experience, the fastest payment solution in the industry and full-business control.

Marketing support

Award-winning creative and expertise to help you deploy successful campaigns targeting UHNWIs.

Centralized fulfillment

With a centralized fulfilment department, you will never have to waste time and resources chasing after operator’s quotes

Office space

Over 900 locations in more than 250 cities worldwide. Whether you choose a private office or a dedicated desk, We have you covered.

Global infrastructure

24/7/365 customer support, so you never miss a call and you never miss a sale.

Annual training

Meet and learn from top charter sales, marketing and luxury market professionals.

Economy of scale

Relationship with the operators for you, so you have access to the best deals and your client’s will never have better quotes.

Vetted aircraft

4,000 vetted aircraft, dynamically rated, so your clients will always fly with top safety-rated aircraft with spotless interiors.

Low cost of setup

Website, legal support to incorporate, office and next generation technology all sorted. Just add your expertise.

Higher commissions

While brick and mortar charter brokerages have to deal with increasing costs, we use our tech to get the bucks back to you.

Own your clients

Once you sign up your client, it will be forever yours whether they book using our self-booking app or managed by you.


Next-generation technology.

NEOJETS has created a state-of-the-art technology for booking and managing your charter business, with full control over your client’s trips and guaranteed commissions whether they book the trip themselves or you do it on their behalf.

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