One stop shop for your perfect private jet experience.

We understand that no relationship can be replaced by an app.

NEOJETS believes that innovation and managed services can co-exist. And this prerogative is at the centre of our development. All driven by design and how to make the booking process seamless for both the traveler, brokers and operators.

From sourcing to payment, NEOJETS has the perfect solution so you can play your role within the private jet industry.


Safety assessed to perfection.

At NEOJETS, every single partner as well every individual aircraft is selected with the highest, world-class safety standards in place. From maintenance to flight operations, no decision is made without constant following of the most rigorous safety procedures in the industry. Such safety focus is embedded into our core values.

Minimum ratings we operate:

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Making every flight feel like the only one.

We are a truly global company. From flying around major cities in the US and Europe to operating out of small airfields in Africa and the Middle East. Yet, each and every flight is unique in its own right, with a bespoke service offering from NEOJETS for you, your family and your business.


Included VIP transfers

Get to the airport faster with our helicopter transfers for up to 5 passengers in any 4h+ flights departing or arriving in London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and Sao Paulo. For shorter flights or any other locations worldwide, you can always request our exclusive heli-transfer on-demand.

And for any flight from Dubai, London, New York, and Paris, enjoy our limo services up to 30 miles from/to the airport, complimentary.


Fine dining at 40,000 feet

NEOJETS believes in creating experiences that transcend the ordinary. Our ethos extends to the culinary offering served on-board all our flights. From expertly crafted meals by the world's top chef to the finest beverages hand selected by expert sommeliers, the NEOJETS dining experience is second to none in the sky.


Five-star lounges

Flying a private jet is not only about the time you spend above the clouds. Skip check-in times and long security lines by arriving just 15 minutes before you take off.

But because we only use the best FBOs in the world, we know you'll be there earlier.

These lounges are available to you up to 8 hours before and after the flight, so you can schedule meetings, or even rest while you are with us.


Unlimited connectivity

Our clients' businesses do not stop. So why should they while they are in the air? Wi-Fi connectivity is included in every aircraft on the Midsize category and above.

Everywhere, worldwide.

Don’t miss contact with your ground operations even at 40,000 feet.


World-class crew

Highly trained, world-class flight and ground crew prepared to take care of every single aspect of your flight.

From creating a fun experience for your children to being “invisible” during important meetings in the skies, first-officers, captains and attendants will be delighted to serve you like you are the only one.



How about a bite of Les Jardins de L' Espadon while in Paris or set of golf clubs delivered at Cabot Cliffs for a last minute match while in business in Nova Scotia? Maybe a makeup artist onboard to get you ready for a movie premiere night in Los Angeles or a professional photographer to click your honeymoon moments? You name it, we make it happen with an extensive network of concierge partners around the world.

Jet booking is the easy part!


From Abu Dhabi to Zurich, and every letter in between.

4,000+ impeccably-maintained jets available in every big city around the world, so you do not have to pay for any ferry fees in selected regions. From modern turboprops that will take you to a secluded ski resort to ultra long-range jets that take you from Sao Paulo to Moscow non-stop, NEOJETS has the largest vetted aircraft database in the world, accessible at your fingertips 24/7.


Built with two things in mind:
you and the future.

There are so many innovations in private aviation, but all of them are trying to solve old problems. NEOJETS is the next generation platform for business aviation, allowing not only the traditional ways of flying but also every single innovation in the industry, such as seat-sharing shuttles and seamless payment processing.

With the most unique user-experience process in place, booking an entire jet, jumping on an empty-leg or securing a seat on a jet shuttle is as easy as buying an airline ticket.